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Special offer! For every two meals purchased from the weekly menu or to the box, our cognac tip as a gift!


(23. 11. – 29. 11.)

Broth, pak choi, noodles, mung sprouts CZK 55
Cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, cranberries CZK 165
Tomato sauce, meatballs, rice CZK 165
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, jams CZK 165
Baked pasta with ham “šunkofleky”, pickles CZK 165
Roast beef sandwich, horseradish, mustard CZK 165


Our french fries CZK 60
French fries fried in beef tallow – Cheddar, oscypek cheese, smoked mayonnaise, fried onion #nejentip CZK 108
Baked celery in salt, celery cream, hazelnut butter, nut crumble CZK 207
Salad, pumpkin, apple, elderberry, buttermilk cheese CZK 175
Farm chicken Supreme, grenaill,e chives, pickles CZK 188
Shredded beef – potato pancake, sauerkraut, pickled onion, smoked mayonnaise, Cheddar CZK 188
Kimchi Szeged, spaetzle, beef brisket #nejentip CZK 188
Beef Black Angus burger – pickled onion, Cheddar, fermented cucumber mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise, tomato salsa, salad CZK 188
Beef ribs U.S., mushroom soya sauce, onion, our roll #nejentip CZK 345
KSK for one – Half fried chicken, čaloslaw, french fries, garlic-cheese dip, smoked chilli sauce CZK 225
KSK for two – Whole fried chicken, čaloslaw, french fries, garlic-cheese dip, smoked cholli sauce CZK 425


Our roll CZK 8
Our bread CZK 60
Our cheese garlic spread CZK 60
Duck liver Pate, smoked lard CZK 125
Pickles CZK 59 / CZK 119
Kimchi CZK 99


Chocolate-nut brownies 2 pcs/CZK 49
Cognac tip CZK 69
Choux pastry, caramel cream, vanilla, hazelnuts CZK 75
Packaging materials per serving CZK 10