Lunch menu



Not-jacked potato – truffle oil, pork crackling, our lard, sour cream, cress #nejentip CZK 152
Pate from duck liver – blackcurrant, elderberry gel, roasted almonds, our cumin roll CZK 139
Beef heart tartar – lovage, marrow, shallot, potato straw, tallow, toast CZK 209
Egg 72°C – mayonnaise, peas, fermented, cocumbers, our beef ham, pickled carrot CZK 152
Witloof with Brie cheese – lavender, truffle dressing, hazelnut CZK 155
French fries fried in beef tallow – Cheddar, oscypek cheese, truffle mayonnaise, fried onions #nejentip CZK 135


Shredded beef – potato pancake, sauerkraut, truffle mayonnaise, Cheddar CZK 235
Beef Black Angus burger – pickled onion, cheddar, pickled cucumber, garlic mayonnaise, tomato salsa CZK 225
Hot dog – our sausage, buttermilk roli, pickled onion, curry mayonnaise, sour cream, oscypek cheese CZK 225


Beef ribs, mushroom soya sauce, fried onion, our roll #nejentip CZK 385
Sea bream, wild broccoli, kale, miso, zucchini, white wine CZK 359
Topinambur, brown butter, topinambur hummus, radishes, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs CZK 259
Salad, avocado, strawberries, watermelon, blue cheese, quinoa, olive, passion fruit-orange dressing CZK 218


Supreme of a farm chicken CZK 182/200g
Striploin US Prime CZK 190/100g
Ribeye US Prime CZK 190/100g
Glazed pork ribs CZK 359/500g


Our French fries CZK 65
Potatoes grenaille, chives, butter CZK 65
Seasonal salad CZK 79
Our roll CZK 25


Mayonnaise (garlic, curry, truffle) CZK 45
Demi-glace (mushroom, truffle) CZK 60
Cheddar sauce CZK 50


Vanilla ice cream, chocolate-nut cookies CZK 89
Hazelnut laskonka, frozen cream CZK 98
Choux pastry, caramel cream, vanilla, hazelnuts CZK 89
Cognac tip CZK 98
Ice cream – sorrel CZK 69
Ice cream (lactose free) – strawberry/mango CZK 69
Chocolate ball
– Dark chocolate, cherries, rum-gingerbread sauce
– White chocolate, mango, passion fruit, vanilla, coconut-caramel sauce
CZK 118

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