Lunch menu



Soup of the day CZK 75
Hummus, coriander, lime, sesame, tortilla, chilli 🍂 CZK 138
Not-jacked potato, truffle oil, pork crackling, lard, sour cream #NEJENTIP CZK 152
Pate with goose liver, cherries in griotka, roasted almonds, our cumin roll CZK 139
Czech asparagus from Hostín, mushroom, Gran Moravia cheese, brown butter sauce, crumb CZK 152


Beef Black Angus burger, onion, cheddar, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, garlic mayonnaise CZK 225
Hot dog – our sausage, buttermilk roli, pickled onion, curry mayonnaise, oscypek cheese CZK 225
French fries, fried in beef tallow, cheddar, oscypek cheese, truffle mayonnaise, friend onions #NEJENTIP CZK 135
Salad, avocado, strawberries, watermelon, blue cheese, quinoa, passion fruit-orange dressing 🍂 CZK 218
Shredded beef in brioche, Otické sauerkraut, truffle mayonnaise, cheddar, pickles cucumber CZK 225
Beef ribs, mushroom soya sauce, fried onion, pastry #NEJENTIP CZK 385


Supreme of a farm chicken CZK 162/100 g
Striploin US Prime CZK 190/100 g
Ribeye US Prime CZK 190/100 g
Pork Pluma Iberco CZK 215/100 g


Our French fries CZK 65
Potatoes grenaille, chives, butter CZK 65
Smoked Coleslaw salad CZK 65
Seasonal salad CZK 79
Our roll CZK 25


Mayonnaise (garlic, curry, truffle) CZK 45
Demi-glace (mushroom, truffle) CZK 60
Cheddar sauce CZK 50


Vanilla ice cream, chocolate-nut cookies CZK 78
Hazelnut laskonka, frozen cream CZK 89
Yuzu cake and whipped sour cream CZK 99
Choux pastry, caramel cream, vanilla, hazelnuts CZK 78
Cognac tip CZK 69
Ice cream – walnut/sorrel CZK 69
Ice cream – lactose free – strawberry/mango/melon-raspberry CZK 69
NEJEN-lolly – Orelys chocolate, mango, passion fruit CZK 78
– Tiramisu
– Dark chocolate, raspberry
– Hazelnut nougat
CZK 78

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