Lunch menu



Tom Kha Gai, shrimp, shitake, hen, coconut milk, chilli CZK 98


Hummus, koriandr, lime, sesame, tortilla, chilli CZK 168
Not-jacked potato, truffle oil, pork crackling, lard, spring onion, sour cream #NEJENTIP CZK 158
Beef heart tartar, marinated veal marrow, smoked egg yolk, bread in fire CZK 248
Spätzlle, taleggio chesse, our wild boar ham, pickled mushrooms, mustard CZK 188


Salad with roasted pumpkin, passion fruit, walnut, cranberries, pomegranate, „Bryndza“ cheese CZK 198
Chicken leg, romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, bacon CZK 238
Small mixed salad with vegetable CZK 85


Daily fish, jerusalem artichoke, crab broth and brown butter, dill, lemon CZK 392
Beef ribs, mushroom soya sauce, fried onion, bread CZK 445
Beef Black Angus burger, caramelized onions, cheddar, cucumber mayo, tomato, french fries CZK 295
Carrot on fire, miso, “Bryndza” cheese, buckthorn CZK 285
Meat from grill – U. S. Black Angus
Rib eye – 100 g CZK 195
Striploin – 100 g CZK 190


Chocolate bowl, cherries, hot chocolate cream, tonka beans CZK 168
Hot love, (raspberries, white chocolate, roses) CZK 148
Apple pie, yuzu, walnuts, walnut ice cream CZK 145
Petit Fours, pate de fruits, chocolate, nuts CZK 95

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