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(3. 5. – 7. 5.)

Soup: Leek soup CZK 55
Porchetta, bun, jam, bear garlic mayonnaise CZK 185
Bolognese, spaghetti, Grana Padano CZK 165
Chicken on paprika, pasta CZK 175


Our french fries CZK 65
Cucumber, cherry tomato, peppers, buttermilk cheese, cucumber water CZK 139
“Strapačky”, smoked meat, sauerkraut, our cream cheese #nejentip CZK 159
Slovakian carpaccio – smoked pork jowl, fennel salad with onion, smoked mayo CZK 124
Beef heart tartare, kimchi mayonnaise, pork skin, spring onion CZK 199
French fries fried in beef tallow – Cheddar, oscypek cheese, smoked mayonnaise, fried onion #nejentip CZK 145


Shredded beef – pagáč, mayonnaise from spring onion, radish, herbs, cabbage-leek salad #nejentip CZK 255
Our pita bread with beef, vegetables, herb dip, yoghurt CZK 255
Beef Black Angus burger – pickled onion, Cheddar, pickle, our tartare, BBQ sauce CZK 255
Beef ribs U.S., mushroom soya sauce, onion, our roll #nejentip CZK 385
KSK for one – Half fried chicken, coleslaw, french fries, garlic-cheese dip, smoked chilli sauce CZK 265
KSK for two – Whole fried chicken, coleslaw, french fries, garlic-cheese dip, smoked chilli sauce CZK 485
Farm chicken supreme, grenaille, broccoli, kale, chicken jus CZK 245


Our roll CZK 12
Our bread CZK 60
Burger bun CZK 18
Pickles CZK 85
Pickled chillies CZK 45
Pickled vegetables CZK 79
Pickled red onions CZK 69
Pickled kohlrabi CZK 79
Our kimchi CZK 99
Sour celery CZK 55
Fruit compote CZK 55
Sea buckthorn jam CZK 49/CZK 79
Onion jam CZK 69
Duck liver pate CZK 129
Pickled Olomouc cottage cheese CZK 139
Pickled Hermelin cheese CZK 129
Demi-glace CZK 269
Cottage cheese spread CZK 69
Our ketchup CZK 89


Ginger-cinnamon roasted tea CZK 89/CZK 119
Roasted tea – forest mixture CZK 89/CZK 119
Roasted rosehip tea CZK 89/CZK 119
Mulled wine – syrup 0,33 l CZK 89
Our cola syrup CZK 124
Ginger syrup 0,5 l CZK 129
Mint syrup 0,5 l CZK 159
Sea buckthorn syrup 0,5 l CZK 189
Strawberry syrup 0,5 l CZK 159
Black currant syrup 0,5 l CZK 159
Our gin – ginger CZK 199
Our gin – black currant CZK 199


Our biscuit Mila CZK 25
Cognac tip #nejentip CZK 88
Apple-pear ice cream with plum CZK 41
Packaging materials per serving CZK 10

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