Evening menu

We serve from 17:00 – 22:00


Online order: ZDE



Chicken broth, chicken hearts, fermented vegetables, herbs 105,-
Gazpacho, vegetables, cucumber, mint, chilli 115,-
Eel, cucumber, dill, herbs 239,-
Foccacia, tomato, goat cheese, amaranth 209,-
Ratatouille, marinated vegetables, tomatoes, yeast chips 189,-
Langos, brynza, pickled vegetables, greaves 209,-
Small salad, gravlax, citrus, vinaigrette 205,-
Beef heart tartare – Veal pate – Greaves spread, mustard, roasted garlic, pork skin 279,-


Beef Black Angus burger, Blaťácké Zlato cheese, mustard mayo, red onion, home fries 349,-
VEGE Burger, bao bun, portobello, pak – choi, shriracha mayo, our kimchi 315,-
Pulled pork, home fries, BBQ sauce, fried onions 329,-
Supreme of farm chicken, corn, chicken thigh croquette, herb demi – glace 378,-
Duck breast, red watermelon, raspberries, apple 439,-
Tagliatelle, calamari tentacles, chorizo, pepper 455,-
Drumfish, orange, fennel, zucchini, bouillabaisse 469,-
Carrots, carrots and carrots again 329,-
Big salad, fried camembert, pickles, citrus 315,-


Striploin US Prime CZK 235/100 g
Maminha CZK 235/100 g


Our French fries CZK 95
Fried potatoes grenaille, sour cream CZK 85
Roasted seasonal vegetables CZK 95
Mixed seasonal salad CZK 95
Roasted beans, lardo CZK 95


Mayonnaise – daily offer CZK 65
BBQ sauces CZK 65
Demi-glace CZK 78
Herb demi-glace CZK 78


Chocolate mouse with egg nog CZK 98
Panna cotta, mint, cherries, honey CZK 129
Sní – krs, salted caramel, peanuts, chocolate CZK 149
Ice lolly – daily offer CZK 89
Pie – daily offer CZK 129

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