Our story

At the beginning of our story there were no resounding names of gastronomically advanced metropolises such as London or New York, but it was Budapest. The energy of this city with a number of great places got us, and we wanted to transfer something like that to Prague.

Karlín. The corner of Křižíkova and Peckova streets right next to the Karlín Church of St. Cyril and Methodius is an ideal place to open a modern bistro in a slightly industrial style. The open kitchen and large windows underline the precision of what you put on the plate.

We wanted the space to be as open and bright as possible, including the kitchen, to be seen by the chefs.

Together with the architect Martin Šenberger from Mar.s Architects, we created Nejen Bistro.


Jirka Hrachový and Martin Císař were at the birth of Not only the Bistro. Ingenious chefs and leaders who started it all. In December 2018, Jirka opens her second “child” to a modern beer hall with Wallachian cuisine, a unique concept in Prague’s Královské Vinohrady – Výčep. Martin is heading to the position of creative chef of our company Kolektiv.

Chef Filip Rakús, a native of Slovakia, is taking over the baton.



Simplicity. Intelligibility. Seasonality. Availability. Freshness.

We make most things in the kitchen ourselves from fresh and quality ingredients. Which means that our ticket is not so extensive, it is very seasonal and changes very often. At the same time, you will not find practically anything from large industrial factories with us - there is a great beer from the Dalešice brewery (known as the Postřižin film brewery) on tap, our lemonades and wines are selected in the same spirit.

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